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Real Money Poker India

Poker is a famous card game. Online poker real money game was played especially in the USA and Mexico but thanks to Hollywood, it has now reached far and wide. Many people around the world play Poker and it is one of the most played card games online. Baazi247 is just the sort of place you need to choose to play online arcade games for real money in India. Baazi247 is a leading and most trusted online casino service in India. At Baazi247, you will have a guaranteed good time playing real money online poker.

At Baazi247 we offer you two kinds of experience for online poker and online arcade games fo real money. One is with a live dealer and the other is called Video Poker. In both cases, you play against the house. With the live dealer, you have our casino staff dealing the cards for you. Whereas Video Poker is nearly the same as a slot game where you play against the computer. It depends on the player really on which to choose as both are equally good.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rules of poker vary only slightly with each variation you play. If you get hold of the general rule of Poker, then the rest will follow. The most famous poker variation is called Texas Hold'em.

So, let's get started with the basics of Poker.

A poker “hand” is a hand of 5 cards. Out of 5 cards, two are dealt with you which are called the “hole cards” and 3 cards are called the community cards. Throughout the hand, 5 community cards are dealt face up. Our aim in the game is to produce the best 5 cards set for ourselves from the available 7 cards. We can use either one or two or none of the hole cards to do so.

Now when all the community cards are shown, proceedings go similar to Teen-Patti. If all but one player folds, they win the pot automatically. If two or three players remain in the race, the player with the highest-ranking set of cards wins after all the remaining players show their card once the bets are completed.

Make sure you know poker hands and their ranking before you sit at the poker table. This is very important to remember as we bet on possibilities on how likely these hands are to occur.

Rank Hand Name Description
1 Royal Flush 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit.
2 Straight Flush Straight cards like 5,6,7,8,9 of the same suit.
3 Four of a Kind Four same cards(like all 7s or all 3s) of every suit.
4 Full House A pair (like two 8s or two 6s) and three of a kind (like three 5s or three aces)
5 Flush All 5 cards are of the same suit except not in order.
6 Straight All 5 cards are in numerical order but of different suit
7 Three of a Kind Three cards of the same number and two other random cards.
8 Two Pair Two pairs of different numbers (like two 5s and two Kings)
9 One Pair A single pair with other random cards
10 High card Hand with no matching card

Live Games

In live game categories, there are three kinds of poker games available. These are the games that you will play with real casino dealers.

Casino Hold'em

This is the most famous variation of Poker. It is available in a live dealer variation. The players have to put an ante bet before the cards are dealt. After the hole cards and three of the community cards are dealt, the player either has to call if they believe they have got a good hand or fold. Afterward, the remaining two community cards are dealt.

One special thing about Casino Hold'em is that the dealer has to qualify to win. The qualification criteria is that dealer has to have at least a pair of 4s or higher. In the case where the dealer doesn't qualify, the call bets are pushed and ante bets are paid.

It is a very easy and exciting game that you can play in Baazi247 right now. Moreover, to accommodate our diverse customers it is available both on mobile and desktop

Ultimate Texas Hold'em

Rules are similar to that of Casino Hold'em. However, the betting sequences are changed. This is the more serious version of the game as bets can get expensive. There are four kinds of bets which are Ante, Blinds, Play, Trips.

To play a hand, you have to put in ante and blind bets. The trip bet only pays out if you get specific hands. The play bets are made based on potential hands in different stages of the game.

Baazi247 has the live version of the game which is playable in both mobile and desktop. Follow this detailed guide to download Baazi App on your mobile phone.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Among all the variations, Caribbean Stud Poker is the simplest. In this variation, the dealer straight away deals 5 cards to the player and 5 cards to themselves. Among the dealer's 5 only 1 card is shown face up. There are no community cards. After the dealer shows it's one card, players have to decide whether they want to call or fold.

After all the bets are taken, the dealer reveals its remaining four cards.

In this game, the dealer qualifies with Ace/King or Higher.

Video Poker

Deuces Wild

This is the Poker variation, which is very quick and fun to play. Right out of the bat, you get 5 randomly generated cards, without any fuss from dealers and wait for the bet to start or close. You can either hold on to all of them or some of them. The strategy here is to hold cards that you think have potential. Then you hit “draw” and the cards which weren't held would be replaced by randomly generated cards.

It is predetermined what hand will have what payouts. If you hit any one of the hands, then you are paid out according to your bet.

It is fast, fun to play and you can spend hours having much fun. At Baazi247, both mobile and desktop versions are available.

Yes, online poker in India is legal. As long as you are playing in regulated, foreign online casino companies like Baazi247, it is legal.

Yes, At Baazi247 you can play online poker in India and win real money, paid out in real-time. Register now to get started.

Poker is a game of luck with a fair bit of skill involved. To give yourself the best chance to win at the game, you need to learn the rules down to the tee and start with small bets until you get well acquainted with the feel of the game.

Most online casinos carry the game which has you play against the house. However, you and your friend can play at the same table from individual accounts, not against each other but the casino house. Other sites have you and your friend play against each other but online casinos are not one of them.

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