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Play Online Roulette Real Money India

Baazi247 is the best online casino in Indian rupees. Numbers of popular online casino table games are available in real money in India. Baazi247 makes it easier to play table games by allowing you to play your favorite casino games online on your own device. Whenever you play with Baazi247, you'll get 24/7 customer support, a signup bonus, a referral bonus, a birthday treat, and a variety of ongoing promotions available for players.

We have numerous tricks that could be used to play online roulette real money India. If you are looking forward to trying a hand at casino online roulette in India, then we provide step-by-step roulette tutorials to play live roulette online real money. Also, you can play roulette without any skill.

Online Roulette in India is the most exciting online casino game that stands out from the rest. A small wheel, a table containing 0 to 36 numbers, mainly consists of red and black colors and a white ball spinning inside the wheel in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually fall into one of the marked slots, determining which bet receives a payout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roulette is a standard Table game with zero, inside bet, outside bet, and racetrack bets. Place your bets by selecting the appropriate betting amount available at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Drag the amount specific to the betting slot. Use the X button to remove any misplaced bets.

Dealers start the game: spin the wheel - rotate the ball - call the winning number. All the winning bets are paid out real money to the player according to the paytable.

If you get confused regarding gameplay, 24/7 customer support will help instantly to solve your queries. Also, visit our blog, complete a beginner guide to playing online roulette games.

A lot of times, you may assume that the roulette wheel game is the same wherever you play. However, there are always small variations, which could make a huge difference in the chances of winning and also the prize money. Here are some of the variations of Roulette casino games that you may come across.

European Roulette

This is the original roulette casino game and is played by a lot of enthusiasts in India. In a European roulette game, the number range is 1-36. It also has 0 along with these numbers. The house gets its edge from the 37th number in this game. Individual numbers get 35:1 for each chip bet, but this could vary across casinos.

American Roulette

Initially, American Roulette started as a version of the European Roulette game. However, as it started gaining popularity, it got some extra sparkle to itself. Instead of a 37th number, the American Roulette comes with a 38th number, which is double zero. This results in the house getting double the edge, which could be unfavorable for the players, but the prizes could be exciting for them in case of a win.

French Roulette

French Roulette is generally not found on many online portals, but you can continue to explore it if it interests you. The French Roulette is similar to the European version in many ways and consists of only 37 numbers. Some variations include ‘insurance-style bets that are applicable when the ball lands on zero. The nuances are best understood while playing the game.


Canasta comes from Latin America and is very much similar to the other roulette variations but without the wheel. It requires a basic understanding of roulette to get started. The main difference is the ping-pong pattern of the ball with every number represented on it. In this game, the balls are spun in a bingo-like cage. While there are people who love to play this version, it has still not picked up on traffic because of its region-specific focus.

In the Roulette online game, it is almost impossible to predict which number the ball will land on and hence you have to think of other ways to minimize your losses, even if you don't make a profit.

Martingale strategy - A popular strategy used by seasoned players is the Martingale strategy where the player places a bet with a 50-50 chance of winning. If it is a win, the player continues, but in case of a loss, the player doubles the same bet for the next round. As soon as the losses are recovered, you return to the original bet and continue. With this strategy, there is a high chance of coming out without any major losses.

Reverse Martingale (Paroli)- Players also employ other strategies such as the Reverse Martingale (Paroli) and the D'Alembert strategy when playing the game of roulette. The Reverse Martingale system advises players to do the exact opposite of the Martingale strategy i.e. double the bet after every win.

D'alembert strategy - Players use the D'alembert strategy on a bet that has only two outcomes, mostly found as the black or red bet in roulette. The principle of this binary betting strategy is: Raise your bet for every loss and lower your bet for every win.

The Best way to win in roulette is to focus on outside bets. Although Strategies are more about minimizing your losses than improving your ability to win. The number is always random, but if you know the rules of roulette and odds in detail you will have an advantage.

In fact, in roulette, the ball can land on each number or color independently from the number. The 13 number tricks in roulette are very famous and used by professional players. Choose 13 numbers placed at an equal distance along with the roulette wheel to us the trick. For eg. 0, 15, 21, 17, 27, 11, 23, 24, 1, 31, 18, 28, 35.

The way to play live roulette is online. Not only does playing online allow you to play comfort of your own house, but it offers increased security, convenience, freedom, and promotions. Visit our complete guide to play real money roulette in Indian Casino.

Yes, we baazi247 allow you to play online roulette for real money. Playing online is more beneficial than casino roulette since different promotions and signup bonuses are available to get you started.

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