Baccarat is a popular casino game that is the hot favourite of many gambling enthusiasts in India. This game involves the use of 2 to 3 cards. Players who get winning hands can get high scores and may even end up winning big.

Live Baccarat
Live Baccarat

Play Baccarat Casino for Real Money

You can now enjoy playing Baccarat online for real money in India at Baazi247. You can participate in a live dealership version of the game, which can make playing the Baccarat casino game on this portal all the more exciting.

You must always remember to check the available funds before playing this game. You would need a continuous flow of investments and you can play it for real money only when you play in progression.

How to Play Baccarat?

You can begin playing Baccarat by purchasing chips. The game consists of a pack of 8 cards and each of them carries point values. It is somewhat similar to blackjack in many ways. Here is how the points system in Baccarat works:

  • Aces carry 1 point
  • Numbered cards carry the same value as the number itself
  • Face cards do not carry any value

Players begin betting on player hand or banker hand. Some players even go for betting on a tie, but this may not necessarily be beneficial. Based on the play timeline and the portal on which they play, they could have alternate side bets available.

Baccarat mainly consists of two hands and this is what differentiates it from Blackjack. This does not depend on the number of players.

At the start of the game, the dealer showcases the available cards by displaying them face up. The player and the banker have two cards each. When the sum of a hand comes closer to nine for a player, he is declared the winner. Players can win twice their bet if they’ve used the player hand and it turns up closer to nine. If a banker hand comes close to nine, the winning amount would be declared at 95% of the wager.

How to Bet on Baccarat?

Seasoned players swear by the idea of avoiding the tie bet in Baccarat casino. This is mainly because it comes with a 14% edge in favour of the house and may work against the player. It can significantly reduce the chances of winning.

· Banker Bet

The Banker Bet is known to be a safe choice because the players have greater chances of winning. Players with a winning strategy generally opt for Banker Bet. It gives a 50% advantage of winning to the players but comes with a commission of about 5% from the casino’s side.

· Player Bet

A lot of players prefer to opt for a more cautious variant and this is when they choose the Player Bet over Banker Bet. Banker Bet comes with a commission, which has to be paid by the player; however, the Player Bet does not have any such charges and could result in the final prize being much higher. The Player Bet has fewer chances of winning the game, but it does not involve the commission cost. Players looking for a financial gain usually prefer this type of bet.

· Tie Bet

Tie Bet generally has a greater edge in favour of the house, but there are many ways in which players can use it to their advantage. A tie bet is like a push since it makes the wager wait till the next round.

Baccarat Rules

· Caution in Tie Bet

Players who want to win generally skip the Tie Bet since it gives a significant edge to the house. Most expert tips reiterate the fact that this bet must be played with extra caution.

· Choose the Banker Bet

When a player places his first bet in Baccarat online, it must preferably be the Banker Bet since it comes with greater chances of winning. It can have a significant advantage and players can win much more than they would have expected. Though there’s a commission of 5% that has to be paid by the player, it still gives a good chance of winning.

Tips on Banker Loss

Players must try and refrain from switching immediately to a new bet in case he loses on a banker bet. The banker bet is known to work wonders when played in progression and this is the primary reason why experts advise against switching. Players can continue with the banker bet and get exposure to wins as well as losses. This way, the probability of making more money at the end of the game increases significantly.

Baccarat game is fun to play, especially when you choose to reinvest your winning money to earn more from it. Down the lane, the players should revisit their Baccarat strategy and gauge whether it is working. This way, they can constantly ensure that they win each time. Register at Baazi247 and enjoy playing Baccarat in India.

Pay-Outs at Baazi247

Every casino game has its specific payout options. While some games may share, they differ from game to game. Like elsewhere, at Baazi247 also they pay out differ from game to game. As part of our effort to keep our players informed, we provide the payout information for every games on the game screen itself. If you are any questions related to payouts, please check the game settings/info section or get in touch with our support team.


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