Teen Patti

One of the most popular card games in India, Teen Patti is also known by the names Flush or Flash. As the name suggests, it is a game of just three cards and the winner is the one who has the best hand. The game can be played anytime anywhere from India, provided you have a set of friends to play with.

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Teen Patti 20-20
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Teen Patti Rapid
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Teen Patti Pro

Play Teen Patti Game Online

Teen Patti online is also available now and that still allows the players to play it anywhere, anytime, but now you do not have to wait for friends to get together. If you have the urge to play, just log in to Baazi247 and play Teen Patti online game from India. You can still play the Teen Patti game with your friends if you are all online and on the same table.

How to Play Teen Patti Game?

The game needs a minimum of three players. Even two players can play the game, but there isn’t enough excitement for an ultimate Teen Patti game. With one deck of 52 cards, a maximum of 7 players can play the game. A pre-decided dealer starts the game. All players get a chance to deal one after the other. Each player is dealt three cards and the player with the best cards in the hand wins. There are certain terms that you will need to know before playing the game. These are explained below:


This is where all the betting money gets collected

Boot Amount

This is the minimum bet that is collected from all players taking part in the round. The amount is added to the pot at the beginning of the game.

Playing Blind and Seen

A player has the option of betting without seeing his cards. This is called playing blind. If you see your cards and place a bet, it is playing seen. The bet amount for playing seen is double the amount for playing blind. A player can see his cards any time during the game and change the bet accordingly.

  • Bet for Playing Blind:

§ Equal to the boot amount or more for the first player

§ Equal or double if the previous player is also playing blind

§ Equal or half if the previous player is playing seen

  • Bet for playing Seen:

§ Double the boot amount or more for the first player

§ Equal or double if the previous player is also playing seen

§ Double or quadruple if the previous player is playing blind

Folding the Game

A player can fold or pack the game if he thinks that the cards do not have a scope of winning. At the time of folding, the players need not add any amount to the pot.

Asking for a Sideshow

A player can ask for a sideshow from the previous player if he is also playing seen. The player may or may not agree for the same. If he agrees, both players compare their cards and the one with a weaker hand has to fold. If the cards are equal, the player requesting for a side show must fold.

Winning the Pot

The betting for the pot continues until you are faced with the following:

  • All players but one have folded. The last man standing wins the pot. He need not reveal his cards.
  • If there are two players left and all others have folded and one of them asks for a show, the cards of both players are compared and the one with better cards wins.

Rules for Asking for a Show

  • Only two players must be remaining in the game.
  • If you are playing blind, you need to add the running stake amount to the pot before asking for a show.
  • In case you are playing seen, you cannot ask for a show if the other player is playing blind. If both are seen, you need to add double the stake to the pot before asking for a show.

Teen Patti Hand Ranking

In Teen Patti card game, the hands are ranked as per the following combinations presented in the descending order

  • Trio/Trail - Three cards with the same denomination. The higher rank wins in case of two trios
  • Pure Sequence –When the cards forming a sequence are from the same suit
  • Sequence – A combination of two or more suits in a sequence
  • Note that among sequences AKQ is the top sequence followed by A23
  • Colour – Three cards of any rank from the same suit
  • Pair – Two cards with identical ranking
  • High card – The value of the highest card

There can be several variations of the game that affect the ranking of the cards. Some standard ones are:


The jokers from the deck are added to the game. These can represent any card to form a hand.


This is the reverse of the usual game; the player with the weakest cards wins.


Any Ace, King, 4 or 7 can be used as a joker.


All cards with the same rank as a selected card can be treated as a joker.

Play Teen Patti Online for Real Money

You can play Teen Patti online with virtual money, but you can also play Teen Patti online for real money on several websites. You can win a good amount of money just on the basis of the cards in your hand. Even though you are playing it virtually, the experience is the same as playing the real Teen Patti game. With Teen Patti Live, you can participate in actual tournaments with real players.

The game of Teen Patti has come a long way from being played in private gatherings. By being available online, it is now available for all to play privately. The various modifications of the game are often crafted by players. Some of the versions of this game include Teen Patti rummy. You can use the Teen Patti Royal app to enjoy the Teen Patti rummy game and many other variants in India.

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